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Simpit definition – “An environment designed to replicate a vehicle cockpit”.

I have chosen to build a simpit and replicate the vehicle cockpit of the A10C Warthog (close air support attack aircraft) interfaced into the military (study) sim – DCS (Digital Combat Simulator).

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The overall simpit is 50% complete. The left console is fully built and the front dash is under construction.

The below pictures show the current state of completion and under the hood.

The left console is comprised of the following panels:

* Fuel System Control Panel * TM Throttle * AN/ARC – 186(V) VHF Radio 1 (Radio Cluster Part 1/3 (VHF AM) * AN/ARC – 164 UHF Radio (Radio Cluster Part 2/3 (UHF) * AN/ARC – 186(V) VHF Radio 2 (Radio Cluster Part 3/3 (VHF FM) * Secure Voice Control Panel (KY58 Panel) * Emergency Brake * Aux Lighting Panel * Stability Augmentation System (SAS Panel) * Emergency Flight Control System (Trim Panel) * Intercom Panel (including Stall Vol / Antenna)

The console is backlit and this will be adjustable upon completion of the right console.

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Please see the below video for an outline of this console and its construction

Prior to starting construction of the front dash, I built the Engine Instrument Panel because I wanted to learn how to implement instrument gauges and drive them over an RS485 network. The learnings gained from this will help with building the instruments for the front dash.

For more detail of the simpit project please navigate using the above menu. Please Note – My YouTube channel tends to have the most up to the minute progress. In time this website will detail the whole build.