(Intercom/Stall Vol/Antenna/GND Safety)


This unit replicates the Intercom, Stall Volume, Antenna, and Ground Safety Switch panels from the A10C left console.

The intercom panel provides an interface to control audio input and output of the A10Cs various radio and navigation systems.

The Stall Warning Control panel allows the volume of the A10Cs two stall warning tones to be adjusted.

The Ground Safety Switch enables an override to use the A10Cs cannon whilst on the ground.


This video shows a systems test of all the units components as interfaced to the simulator and has the following construction notes:

1. TOGGLE PROTECTOR – Position Detectable
2. GROUND SAFETY SWITCH TEXT – Punctuated with red background whilst back-lit
3. PUSH PULL POTENTIOMETER – Appropriate actuator travel
4. GENERAL BUILD – Material Prep / Wiring / Unit testing

After research and testing a number of components, the one chosen and implemented was a 10k push pull potentiometer advertised for use with guitars. See below for the part number / model description.

Part Number / model description – V164L4-YEE018 B10K PUSH PULL POT