The AHCP is comprised of ten toggle switches. These control:

  • MASTER ARM – Enables the arming of weapon systems
  • GUN/PAC – Enables the gun with or without Precision Attitude Control (PAC) Assist
  • LASER – Enables Laser
  • TARGETING POD (TGP) – Enables Targeting pod
  • ALT SCE – Selects the data source for altitude calculations
  • HUD MODE – Illumination colour based on day / night and HUD normal / standby modes.
  • CICU – Applies power to the Central Interface Control Unit (CICU) – Provides data input to the MFCDs and associated subsystems.
  • JTRS – Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) – enables power to Datalink system
  • IFFCC – Integrated Flight and Fire Control Computer (IFFCC) – controls power to IFFCC and HUD.
The AHCP panel (as seen) within the A10C module for Digital Combat Simulator (DCS)

My plan was to build this panel (above) using real aircraft toggle switches. I sourced several Ex MOD Tornado panels. These were classed as unserviceable and not flight worthy. Several of those I sourced where damaged, however I was able to salvage the various toggle switches needed.

An Ex-MOD Tornado panel. Best sample, most were damaged
Salvaged toggles – to be incorporated into A10C ACHP. An opportunity to utilise these amazing components. It is a sad thought that many such panels and components sit unused in storage or peoples garages. We will bring them back to life and make regular active use of them.

The completed panel prior to integration into the Front Dash.

For further detail relating to the build of this panel – see the below video from my YouTube channel.